I wanted to make an anarchic exhibition to include works which differ in style and theme, but no matter how I place the works, my structure is miles away from anarchy. This is why this exhibition is entitled Insulting Anarchy. Naturally, the title is an alibi for all my stupidities and insolences, for my artistic “freedom”. My aim was to have as many voices as possible, not just a single voice, but the main motivation is vanity aided by my love for garlic, bread and butter.
Economy is a parody of economy.
Media are a parody of media.
Art is a parody of art.
Etc… is a parody of etc…
Parody cannot be parodied.
This is why there are so many obvious stupidities which are obvious stupidities and not a parody. I work from the position of a dead ant. Though dead, I am still fighting for disintegration of the system, grammar. Let him fight, don’t you see that he’s dead, you say, art says. Who knows, who can testify, certainly not me, that what I am doing is modern, postmodern, post mortem, something old, new? There is hardly anyone who after the afternoon nap, wouldn’t raise his/her head and ask himself/herself “What’s new?”, as if the rest of the humanity kept guard over him/her.
For supper I am having Podravka chicken soup, letter by letter, that’s it.
You lie like a rug.

The text contains quotes from H.D. Thoreau, Podravka Factory and a Roma woman from the market.

Mladen Stilinović, 2007

(Translated by Iva Polak)


Insulting Anarchy, installation view in the artist’s work room, Zagreb, 2007


Museum of Pigs, 2005


Museum of Pigs, 2005


Damaged Plate, 2009


I Do Nothing, 2007


Hands, 2006


Corruption, 2005


Mama mia, 2005


Every Day I Pray the Rosary for the Pope to Abolish the Church, 2011


Chinese Propaganda, 2001


[“The Death of the other, not only above all, of the one you love, doesn’t announce the absence, the disappearance, of this or that life… Death declares each time the end of the world in totality, the end of every world, and each time the end of the world as unique totality, thus irreplaceable and thus infinite.”, J. Derrida]

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