Mladen Stilinović and Vlado Petek, Multivision, April Meetings, Belgrade, 1974




To Dürer, 1976


Colourful Life, 1977


DIANA NENADIĆ : Write no, think yes: The film personality of Mladen Stilinović

ANA JANEVSKI: If you know exactly what avant-garde is and how to name it, it probably isn’t very avant-garde, right!


I Censor Myself, 1976

A Mountain in Istria, b/w 15 min., Sony, sound

I recorded on one video tape what I thought none of the state TV stations would ever broadcast.

I recorded this tape from TV by turning off the TV set when I roughly estimated the tape would have been censured. I would show this tape while I erased the first one. I censured the script after recording (the text was erased with an eraser)

Mladen Stilinović

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